Happy Birthday Vyom

Name of the Honoree

Vyom Roy

September 13, 2015


Its time to give something back to our community. As always your wishes for Vyom are truly appreciated and would like to personally thank each and everyone of you for visiting this page. 

Wishes go a long way but a small donation on my BIG day will go even further for some children in India. Vibha is a great organization that helps fund projects that help children learn. So this year instead of ecards, presents or wishes, I humbly request you to join me in helping Vibha help other children that are not as fortunate as we were. Please join me in helping a child get the education they deserve. 

Make a donation in honor of Vyom (in US Dollars)

All donations made through Vibha Dream Registry benefit child development projects supported by Vibha which are listed here. Donations made in USD are tax-exempt in the US. Donations made in INR are tax-exempt in India.